2021 Updates

September 2021

Drilling a community well at Kyempapu by partners from the US to help address the water scarcity issue in the community

Board members after the validation of the Human Resource Policy in Kampala

Kyempapu core team attending a Human Resources Manual in Kampala 2021 August with support from GIZ-CUSP

Delivering water tanks to schools from Global Social Network

Crafts by the women group

2020 Updates


KYEMPAPU launched its first ever Strategic Plan (2021-2025) at Maria Flo Hotel in Masaka on 17th December 2020.The function was presided over by the Secretary General of the Uganda National Commission for UNESCO Ms Rosie Agoi and attended by partners from Bukomansimbi District , Local Council members, Community Based Organisations, school and religious leaders.

This strategic plan was developed by KYEMPAPU with support from the Civil Society in Uganda Support Programme (CUSP) which is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH with financial support from the European Union and the German government. Before the launch KYEMPAPU also received visibility materials in form of Pull up banners, Teardrops, Brochures, sign posts and business cards among others.


1) Kyempapu is implementing a covid 19 change project to help prevent the spread of covid19 at public water sources through radio talks, education, and fencing. This project is supported by GIZ-CUSP, the German Government and the European Union.

2) Kyempapu is promoting the use of energy efficient stoves, which only require 3 pieces of wood to prepare a meal. We are still in need partners in the energy saving sector so that we can reduce on the number of trees being cut.

3) Kyempapu received Water Drilling equipment from its US partners. These will be useful in helping to address water challenges in the community and district.

4) A training on bio sand filter making has been conducted and concluded at Kyempapu. Thank you CAWST for the support! This is another step taken to promote safe drinking water into the community.

2019 Updates

Between 4-7th November 2019, Kyempapu reviewed the organization's Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives the support of GIZ-CUSP.

Kyempapu hosted a team of 12 guests from Germany on September 21 who planted trees in the Peace Garden.

Kyempapu had one of its staff participate in a quality coffee training in Kampala (first photo). We joined the Global Social network to plant trees in schools on April 12th (second photo).The Sylvias Sisters organization in partnership with Kyempapu donated over 300 washable sanitary kits to girls in Kitaasa SS and Kikoma Uganda Martyrs Secondary school Ssembabule. Thank you Jennifer and team for the donation! (last two photos)

Kyempapu participated in a stakeholder survey to find out the relevancy of its work in the community and areas to be improved in the next 5 years. This is one of the processes in the implementation of the strategic plan development for Kyempapu supported by the Germany international cooperation (GIZ) under the Civil society in Uganda support program (CUSP). In August, Kyempapu organised and coordinated a Household Water Training for Trainers and a Water Treatment and safe Storage workshop with facilitators from Calgary, Canada.

We hosted a team of 15 students and professors from USA and Hong Kong in July for 2 weeks during their Humanitarian Summer trip. The team visited schools, communities, and carried out a survey on waste management, water and energy.

April 2018

Kyempapu is taking part in Global Action Week from April 16-22. This year's focus is tree planting!

February 2018

Teacher training workshop on the Eco school program of selected schools in Kampala

A family of volunteers from Richmond, Virginia at Kyempapu

In the Kyempapu restaurant constructed using recycled plastic bottles!

Students of Meriapo Junior school perform for our guests/volunteers

January 2018

There have been several exciting things happening at Kyempapu both in Uganda and abroad over the past few months!

Sylvia completed an eight-week practical training on pig production in Germany.

From farm to cup: Kyempapu farmers processing coffee organically

Sylvia visits Isabella, a foster parent to several kids in the Kyempapu community, in Germany

Kyempapu ambassadors participate in an intercultural exchange workshop in Belgium

Sylvia and a fundraising supporter in Germany

Kyempapu community members plants trees of peace along Kyempapu Road in Kitanda

Jan 2018: A drought has unfortunately impacted several Kyempapu farmers

Sylvia standing alongside various women to honour climate change activists

Sylvia presents on Uganda at a school in Germany, Dec 2017

August 2017

Under our student exchange program, Kyempapu was able to send Linda Leticia Nalumansi to study at the Waldorf School of Baltimore. She later studied at Roland Park College where she graduated on Thursday with a diploma and two trophies in academics and sports. Many thanks to Linda's host family and all her supporters.

May 2017

Kyempapu has been bustling over the last few months. We've had visitors from Kansas, one of our team members went to Bonn, Germany for a UN conference, and we now have our own coffee! See the photos below.

Rosanna Bauman led a team of 9 farmers from Kansas, USA to Kyempapu for 2 weeks back in February.

Jaaja Erlene from Kansas enjoys a boda boda ride during a Kyempapu for field visit.

A visit to the Equator

Samuel from Kansas installing solar panels on our community centre.

We have partnered with CARITAS to host the Dreams Project, creating a model safe space with various social services for the community.

Kyempapu's own coffee!

Kyempapu's Debbie Mugerwa went to Bonn Germany to attend the UN Conference on Climate change.

Debbie is part of the Women for Climate Justice delegation.

Watch this video of Sylvia talking about the community clinic Kyempapu planned to build using plastic bottles.

April 2017

Hello friends! A few updates from the last few months:

Kyempapu team after assessing the state of the Kyoja Wetland in Kutanda Sub-county

Lots of fruits growing in the Kyempapu Peace Garden

Kyempapu will be sending a team of farmers to the USA soon!

October 2016

Kyempapu hosts PEACE talks with young mothers

Kyempapu welcomes visitors from Germany

August 2016

Kyempapu recently hosted volunteer John Mercier from USA who visited the childrens ministry, planted trees, and visited the equator with the Kyempapu team.

Sylvia, her daughter Abigail, and colleague Debbie took part in the Save the Planet race in Entebbe on July 24th.

Kyempapu organizes the "Less Litter" campaign at local schools in conjunction with CECOD-FEE UGANDA, as well as a childrens trip to the Uganda Martyrs shrine Namugongo.

July 2016

Kyempapu is currently working on constructing the floor of its new Community hall and veranda. Many thanks to Project Peace Germany for funding this project.

July 1 - Kyempapu held a teacher training session for 30 teachers in charge of the environmental program of 15 local schools. Some of the schools that took part include: Ggingo PS, Meria Po Junior School, Makukuulu PS, Kirinda St.Jude, Kyakajwiga PS, Bukango PS, Bulenge Muslim PS, King David Junior School, Bright Parents Kayanja, Brain Way Kayanja, Green Hill Kikuuta, Kijulujulu SDA PS, and Kawoko CU among others.

July 7 - Kyempapu attended a Regional workshop on Water and Saniatation Organised by Caritas/Maddo and the coordinators of UWASNET held at the Bwaala Social Centre Masaka.

July 8 - The Director of KYEMPAPU was elected to represent the organization on the Katonga Catchment area committee which consists of 30 members. The Katonga catchment is made up 13 districts from Lyantonde to Kyenjojo. They will implement a project that will be financed by the Ministry of Water and Environment.

July 9 - Kyempapu is curently hosting a training program as part of the "Dreams Project" implemented by Caritas/Maddo and Mild May Uganda to have an HIV/AIDS free generation for girls and young mothers 10 to 24 yrs.

May 2016

On April 22, Kyempapu trained head-teachers and environmental studies teachers from 16 schools in Bukomnansimbi as part of the Eco School program held at the Kyempapu Community Centre. The organization Books of Africa - USA donated books to Kyempapu, which were handed out to teachers during the training conference.

A view of the Kyempapu Peace Garden starting to bloom!

April 2016

Kyempapu hosted the Education for Sustainable Development Regional Policy Workshop organised by the Ministry of Education, Uganda National Commission for UNESCO, and the National Environmental Management Authority March 17-18. There were six facilitators and the event took place in Kyempapu's newly established Ecological conference room, which boasts solar panels donated by Prof Linda of Oslo University.

Kyempapu successfully oganised an event for UN International Women's Day on March 8th in partnership with the International Women Peace Group Korea

Kyempapu is presently constructing a peace garden, as well as a library. If you have any books you would like to donate, please contact Sylvia.

January 2016

Kyempapu is currently hosting a volunteer, Caitie, from Spain. She has been helping to plant Albizi trees (right photograph).

December 2015

Kyempapu is opening a new office in Copenhagen, Denmark!
Get in touch with our new European chapter.
Shelton Tendai Mariga
Email: smariga@sund.ku.dk

November 2015

A team from Raincatcher USA dosnates and helps to install a rain catcher for Kyempapu

May 2015

The resource centre is complete!

September 2013

Valentin and Hanna help lay the foundation of the Kyempapu community resource center